Recovery of Dishonoured Cheque with Costs

Our opponent (the defendant) who was a bidder in an auction for sale of our client’s property, handed over a personal cheque to the auctioneer. Thereafter, just before completion dishonoured the cheque without remorse. When we realised that our client was cheated we...

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Challenging Disclosure of Documents

A claim that was fearlessly defended by Mr Javed Patel (Principal Solicitor) and his diligent team on behalf of the First and Second Defendant was finally a victory. Initially, he warned the Claimant that his claim, appeal and applications were hopelessly pleaded by...

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The Landlord pleads “Guilty” of fraud

On 10 December 2014, it was Mr J Patel who warned the landlord’s solicitor in writing during disclosure process in clear words “The invoices we numbered with red colour from 1 to 11 have never before been seen by us or our clients. Our clients believe that majority of...

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If you do good, then good will come to you

A client contacted our office in search of legal advice for welfare benefits. She was a single parent and was in considerable difficulty in obtaining child benefit. She cannot afford to pay a solicitors legal fees. At the initial meeting, Mr Patel discussed the facts...

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Let Justice Prevail

Mr J Patel presented his skeleton argument in an unsuccessful trial before Technology and Construction Court, and after a year the Judge in a separate application to set aside a costs order admitted that he failed to consider Mr Patel’s skeleton arguments. Based on...

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Challenging the Express Declaration of Trust

The client contributed equal share to purchase a property. Following the breakdown of their relationship the other side argued that there was an express Declaration of Trust to pay our client £23,000 only. In the first meeting, a litigation strategy was put forward by...

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