Challenging Council Tax Liability

Our client received a copy of an application for an order for sale due to non-payment of council tax by the tenants. We wrote to the council that there is no equity in the property to obtain an order for sale. Council were also challenging the second charge on the...

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Challenging Provisional Costs Assessment

Our clients received a bill of costs. We filed a point of dispute and challenge the whole bill of costs. We then received a reply to our point of dispute from the other side. Thereafter, a costs proceedings for a Provisional Costs Assessment were filed by the other...

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Small Claim – Bullseye

We have acted for the Defendant who owns a successful website designing business. The Defendant instructed Legal Comfort Solicitors to defend a claim for alleged breach of contract. The Claimant sought a remedy of full refund. The Claimant also accused the Defendant...

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Justice to Client

Our client was accused of non-payment of credit card debts by a firm of solicitors who buy debts from third parties and takes recovery and enforcement action. Our client did not recognise this debt. Our client appointed us and raised various questions in relation to...

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Interpreting Road Traffic Act

Our client was accused of an offence under section 172 of the Road Traffic Act 1988. We have looked at the entire case. It was a minor incident of which the complainant was compensated by our client’s insurance. Our client cooperated with his insurance company and...

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Wasted Costs Order against the prosecution

Our privately paying client was accused of various offences by the council. They were adamant and intending to prosecute our client before the Magistrates Court. Unfortunately, the prosecution were never prepared with any documents and certainly never disclosed any...

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