Inheritance, Wills and Probate Litigation

Our senior solicitors are specialist in drafting Wills and Probate. However, in order to take instructions directly from client we also visit them personally.

In the case of an unexpected dispute, death, family and friends are often struggle to find out whether their loved one had a Will.

Even when one exists, its validity can be contested or an underlying family dispute may give rise to challenging the Will or removal of executor with court’s permission.

Before proceeding we will gather various piece of background information with your kind assistance.

Such issues are likely to result in litigation. We deal with these types of cases with tact and diplomacy to achieve the best result for you.

We can also advice you on the creation and protection of a trust and a charity.

Only a legally enforceable Will can ensure that an estate is distributed according to the deceased’s wishes.

If court proceedings become necessary, we will advise you on our costs, your entitlements and the likely outcome of such action, guiding you to ensure the best possible solution is reached.

We will do various checks to ensure you do not fall foul of various complex laws and our advisers will make photocopy of various documents for our office records.

We will not hesitate to educate you through out the process. This way you will be always on the straight path.

We will appoint senior litigators who will act professionally by preserving and protecting privilege and confidential information through out the process.

We will always ask from you the following:

1. Chronology of events;

2. Documents translated in English language by professional translators;

3. Photo identity of you, proof of address and same information we will ask from your witnesses; and

4. Photos of any assets with proof of purchase.

We combine the skills of our experienced litigation and private client teams to ensure you obtain a full range of expert advice in relation to contentious probate, removal of executors, inheritance and disputed Wills.

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