Any legal issues in relation to property can be complicated,stressful and time consuming due to series of paperwork involved in every transaction. We have a track record of rigorously defending and protecting our client’s property worth millions of pounds. However, at Legal Comfort Solicitors we cover the following legal areas in relation to your property:

  • Residential conveyancing/property transfer;
  • Commercial conveyancing/property transfer;
  • Defending Forced Sale/property transfer;
  • Defending False Claim of Ownership;
  • Claims and Issues in Relation to Deeds of Trust;
  • Issues in Relation to Lease or Tenancy Agreement;
  • Registration with the Land Registry;
  • Locating and Searching Complicated Documents in Relation to your Property;
  • Valuation of the Property through Qualified Surveyors;
  • Experts Reports from Various Experts;
  • Protecting the Property from any Intruders;
  • Mortgage Accounts Information;
  • Clearance and Disclosure of Mortgage Redemption Figures;
  • Various Property Searches;
  • Dispute in Relation to Matrimonial Homes;
  • Property Negotiations; and
  • Any Dispute Against Lenders and Borough Councils.

Our aim is to provide full legal services in relation to your property so you know that your property is in safe hands. We can give you legal advice on any document in relation to your property. We will always update you with the progress of your case at anytime by text message at no additional costs. Please feel free to instruct us in relation to your property matters.

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