War Crime Litigation

Fighting against Race and Religious Bias:

We are a firm of solicitors that would like to litigate against the evil people who are responsible and commit atrocities on the grounds of race and religious beliefs all over the world.

We would like to gather evidence (paper or electronic format) as much as possible. Such evidence should be directly coming from someone who has witnessed the atrocities.

This person who suffered injustice must be a member of your family or extended family must be subject of serious prejudice or inhuman treatment (including mass killings) perpetrated against them (or their family or community) by the members of their local communities or political parties or their leaders on the grounds of your race or religion.

We will compile their cases and report them to the International Criminal Court or appoint a lawyer of that country to fight civil or criminal litigation on their behalf.

Our firm will also fight cases against those crimes that are genocide and war crimes. We will take legal actions against the leaders (or political parties) whoever is responsible for that inhumane act.

If you need assistance in relation to the above matter then kindly visit our office or write to us to arrange an appointment.

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