This is why we are known as “Legal Comfort”

May 2, 2013

This is why we are known as Legal Comfort
We received instructions from our client on short notice. Our client informed us that their mobility is restricted and due to inconvenience, they are unable to take active part in the upcoming hearing.

We made weekend home visits and consulted with the client. We had also gone through the history of the case in depth.

We carried out all the process that is required for the trial. On the date of the hearing we discussed the merits of the case with the other side’s counsel. We persuaded the other side’s counsel that their case laws and application had no merits.

However, when the matter was heard before the District Judge, we went into showing the reasonable conduct of our client and the defence put forward was such that it persuaded the court to insist that the other side should settle the claim without costs.

It was a long on-going dispute for many years and our participation at the hearing has given a swift end to this proceeding once and for all.

Client comment:

“I would like to state that Legal Comfort Solicitor had really made me feel very comfortable in dealing with my legal matter – Be Comfortable with Legal Comfort” (ADP)

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