Small Claim – Bullseye

Mar 30, 2016

Small Claim - Bullseye
We have acted for the Defendant who owns a successful website designing business. The Defendant instructed Legal Comfort Solicitors to defend a claim for alleged breach of contract.

The Claimant sought a remedy of full refund. The Claimant also accused the Defendant of being unresponsive and unhelpful. As per the advice of Legal Comfort Solicitors, the Defendant disclosed copies of all the email exchange which shows that the Defendant was affectively communicating with the Claimant.

The Claimant accused that Defendant has not made submission of the keywords to Google Search Engines that would attract customers for his business. The Defendant with the assistance of Legal Comfort Solicitors provided a print copy of the website search which supports the fact that keyword was actively functioning. On the other hand, the Claimant had absolutely no evidence to support this accusation that he has not generated any business or profit.

The Claimant pleaded that the Defendant failed to resize the images. Legal Comfort Solicitors pointed to the Judge an email exchange between the parties which shows that it was the Claimant’s duty to provide images and resize them, as and when needed.

The Claimant had this website on his server. The Claimant has also created another website from different web designer from whom he attracts no customers for past three months. The Claimant chose not to sue this new web designer and did not provide any evidence that supports his claim of breach of contract.

Miss C. Lawrie (Trainee Legal Secretary) during her research found an email on the Claimant’s server which shows that the Claimant is happy with the Defendant’s services and recommended his services to others. This email discovery brought an end to the Claimant’s case; and the Judge concluded her findings on this email by dismissing the Claimant’s case and followed the cross examination of Mr J Patel (Solicitor) to compile her judgement.

Please see below client’s comment:
“What a great team at Legal Comfort, they have been great through the whole process. I would happily recommend them to anyone.”

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