Renewal of our Client’s Passport

Aug 23, 2013

Our client immigrated from Dublin after four years of separation from her husband. The reason for the separation was polygamous marriage.

Our client’s visa expired since two years ago, and her previous solicitors on this aspect were totally helpless.

Our client received no support from her husband and as per the rules of Cyprus Embassy the passport can only be renewed if a child is accompanied by both parents.

In our first meeting, we advised our client to make an application for Residence Order under section 8 of the Children Act 1989.

After filing the application, it became extremely difficult to find address of our client’s husband as his postal address was unknown.

We served the claim form by email and reminded her husband through whatsapp about the nature of our client’s application including the date, time and place of the court hearing. We knew the Judge will ask the evidence of service of the application and our client was ready with her iPhone 5 in hand as advised.

We spent hours with client to collect factual background of the case, in order to establish parental responsibility, and compile a bundle of documents running into several pages.

We also prepared our client’s witness statement and a paginated trial bundle to assist the court. We advised our client on the prospects of the CAFCASS Report which arrived a day before the hearing.

It was due to our strategic team that has allowed our client a residence order after just a few minutes of our team presenting the application in front of the District Judge.

Thus, this highlights that with our firm, we strive to gain the best possible outcome, hoping our client leaves satisfied when the judgement is made.

If you are in such situation then please speak to one of our advisers we will assist you straight away.

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