Liability as Old and New Registered Keeper of the Van

Apr 15, 2014

Liability as Old and New Registered Keeper of the Van

Our client purchased a van on a Hire Purchase agreement.

Our clients daughter’s boyfriend used the van and tried to claim the ownership of the van. Our client disputed the ownership and successfully took back possession of the vehicle.

When our client became the registered keeper of the vehicle through the DVLA, he received lots of letters from the Debt Collecting Agencies to recover fines for driving offences committed by the previous registered keeper of the vehicle, to an extent our client was threatened by them for repossession of the vehicle.

Our client immediately came to Legal Comfort Solicitors for legal assistance. Mr Patel attended one meeting with our client and gathered every single document within one hour and explained to our client the costs and consequences of this type of litigation.

Mr Patel prepared detailed attendance notes of this meeting and next day we phoned the Debt Collection Agency and informed them that our client is new registered keeper of the vehicle and the offences are those of the previous registered keeper. This explanation was accepted by them over the phone and as per their request we then wrote to them in detail explaining as to how the liability lies with the previous registered keeper by law.

The following week we received a written confirmation from them that all the liabilities in relation to the parking offenses have been transferred to the previous registered keeper. This good news was a breath of fresh air to our client.

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