Challenging the Supermarket

Oct 23, 2012

Challenging the Supermarket
Our client was working as a night shift replenishment assistant. Our client is a foreign student. They maintained the record of their working hours on a small piece of paper. Our client informed us that the supermarket has deducted their wages unlawfully. We requested our client to write the number of hours they were employed and the hours they worked. We assisted our client to draft a thorough grievance letter. Later evening we calculated and provided a clear itemisation of the wages.

We personally hand delivered this grievance letter to the customer services following morning. Within few days our client received a favourable outcome that the supermarket has decided to pay our client’s wages in full, as stated in our grievance letter. Likewise, we have assisted hundreds of clients with regards to their concerns of unlawful deduction of wages. One must always keep a record of their working hours and explanation of employer’s deduction with explanation of final calculation of wages.  If you believe your employer has paid you less than your expected wages then immediately contact us we will write to them on your behalf so you get paid. Issues of wages can be complicated, if there is no proper records of how they were calculated initially by your employer. We have expertise of investigating overpayment and underpayment of wages. We have prepared several spreadsheets of different format for small and large corporate clients to investigate wages claim.

We have also assisted thousands of union members to investigate wages claim. We have assessed many unlawful deduction of wages claims and their prospects of success whilst assisting many corporate clients through thousands of several legal expense insurance policies.

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