Challenging LSC Funding

May 29, 2012

Challenging LSC Funding
In matrimonial cases, if you are unable to pay your legal fees due to your low income then you may be entitled to the Legal Aid.

Legal Aid is a type of funding arrangement which pays legal costs of your legal representative. These funds are put in place to financially support the case before the divorce proceeding are commenced. It is like an access to justice system for poor people on low income. Such funds are hard earned money of the tax payers, which is accumulated into the public funds by the Inland Revenue. It is tax payers’ money. However, one of our advisers has successfully challenged legal aid funding in a matrimonial case by writing to the office of Legal Services Commission; and by pin-pointing to them with reference to the abuse of legal aid funding. Our adviser has reported this incident of abuse to the correct department by quoting the correct law in place that allows the Legal Services Commission to discharge the legal aid certificate.

So if you are involved in a matrimonial case, and you know that your ex-partner is not telling the truth about their income or property then contact us immediately. We will assist you to write to the Legal Services Commission. If one can report about the incident of falsely claiming welfare benefit so why not report a false claim of legal aid funding, the principle is still the same. In a current economic climate it is your duty to protect the public funds.

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