Challenging the Council

Oct 22, 2012

Challenging the Council
On Sunday afternoon, an elderly client approached us because they saw a branch of a tree fell close to their house. This area in the picture consists of build up oak trees maintained by the council. Our client’s was concerned that all these trees needs risk assessment done by the council, as they pose serious health and safety risk to children and passerby. After our close inspection and researched on the subject matter, we phoned council emergency helpline and invited council’s attention by raising a complaint on behalf of our client. We obviously took some photographs to support our client’s complaint and emailed them to the customer services. On the same day, within couple of hours, following the receipt of the complaint, council immediately sent a tree surgeon for site inspection on Sunday.
After close inspection of the site including the weight of the fallen branch council decided to remove the hazard by Monday morning. This process involved removing some more dead branches from the trees that are posing risk to member of the public. This case is prime example of our hard work and researching speed to get a successful outcome for our client. If you have a similar problem and need our assistance then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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