Challenging car driver

Jul 2, 2012

Challenging car driver
Our client is the operator of a petrol station. One of their customers drove into their petrol station wall causing some serious financial losses to their site. We got heavily involved and prepared a letter of claim, took photographs of the entire damaged site and quantify the losses with the help of two independent experts.
As a direct result, our well planned strategy involving one chase up telephone call with the insurance company and further research with the DVLA, Police etc. We managed to obtain a compensation for our client. We know due to the recession petrol prices are rising. Our clients are making less profit; and in such circumstances they can hardly tolerate such types of customers who are causing financial losses by disrespecting their commercial properties.
So if you are an operator of a petrol station site and have such regular customers causing damages to your site then you are at the right place.
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