Challenging a Bill of Costs

Jun 22, 2012

Challenging a Bill of Costs
Our Client was served with a Bill of Costs, mounting up to several thousands of pounds. A bill of costs is a legal document which is served on the unsuccessful party in litigation. We, at Legal Comfort Solicitors analysed the case and thoroughly researched the bill of costs. We took on arguing the actual Legal basis of drawing such a Bill of Costs under Civil Procedure Rule 47.1.
We argued the case with the assistance of our draftsman. In our argument against the Bill of Costs, we only sent two emails. Once the second email had been received by the other party the Bill of Costs were immediately withdrawn. In the emails we simply challenged the Bill of Costs and came out of it successfully.
The bill of costs includes fees, charges, disbursements, expenses and remuneration. In determining what costs are reasonable the court gives regard to “all the circumstances” especially the conduct of all parties, including in particular conduct before, as well as during, the proceedings, the efforts made, if any, before and during the proceedings in order to try to resolve the dispute. The amount of value of any money or property involved, the importance of the matter to all the parties, the particular complexity of the matter or the difficulty or novelty of the questions raised, the skill, effort, specialised knowledge and responsibility involved, the time spent on the case; and the place where the circumstances in which work or any part of it were done.
So if you have received a bill of costs, and you are unable to find any legal assistance then in would be worth speaking to us.

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