Challenging Bank in Dubai and London

Jun 19, 2014

Challenging Bank in Dubai and London

Our client is a Director of a Dubai based company. Our client then migrated to UK.

Our client had a bank account and requested the bank manager to transfer the balance amount into the UK bank accounts so our client can utilise those funds in the UK.

Initially, the bank manager made an excuse that they have paid the remaining balance to the last known address. When our client demanded the proof of those payments the Dubai bank made excuses that those payments and records including the cheque is misplaced by the bank.

Our client then arranged a friend to chase this matter. Our client was unsuccessful in recovering those funds. Our client’s friend suspected that the bank managers were playing with their emotions.

Finally, this matter was brought to the attention of Mr Javed Patel, Solicitor of Legal Comfort Solicitors. In the first meeting, our client were advised that the money would be returned to their bank account by Legal Comfort Solicitors.

We sent a letter before action to all the senior managers and their colleagues in Dubai. They chose not to reply to our correspondence. Thereafter we made several calls to various managers they still refused to accept our calls. Due to their non-compliance we immediately served them with a Statutory Demand Notice and requested the outstanding payments.

We located, downloaded and read the jurisdiction clause including the terms and conditions of the account in the early hours of the day. We warned them that regardless of the jurisdiction clause we will ensure the funds would be recovered to the rightful owner.

We then contacted the London branch office and reported this matter. After receiving our evidence they cooperated with us and advised us of the route that we can follow in such cases in the future.

On the same day, we received a phone call from one of the bank’s internal legal advisers. They informed us that the bank is not disputing the amount and they will refund our client money. Dubai Bank also confirmed that they will refund all the additional charges that they have levied on the bank account.

Our client then attended the bank’s London branch office; and the bank positively identified our client.

The whole process was completed within two weeks and finally we have withdrawn the Statutory Demand Notice as instructed by our client.

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