Bankruptcy Annulment and Termination of Bankruptcy

Jun 23, 2014

Bankruptcy Annulment and Termination of Bankruptcy

Our client was made bankrupt by the HMRC in the High Court.

Our client contacted us for legal support.

Mr Javed Patel, Solicitor of Legal Comfort Solicitors immediately contacted the official receiver and arranged a meeting with them.

We have also requested our client to settle all the unsecured creditors and explained to our client our litigation strategy and the prospects of winning.

After settlement with unsecured creditors, we have swiftly obtained their written acknowledgement in relation to the receipts of all debts in full.

We made an annulment application under section 282 (1) (a) of the Insolvency Act 1986 before the county court.

Just before the date of the hearing our client paid all the outstanding payment to the HMRC.

We have also drafted a skeleton argument and attached proof of payments to it.

We gave official receiver and the court a copy of the letter of satisfaction from the HMRC. Without a doubt, we have presented a compelling case.

We have successfully assisted our client and if you need our legal assistance in relation to bankruptcy proceeding then please do contact us.

Client Comment:

Javed has just helped me deal with bankruptcy order that was taken out against me by HMRC. He was referred to me by an associate and quickly got to grips with the matter dealing with HMRC and the Official Receiver. Javed is very resourceful and skilled at dealing with difficult situations and soon had the matter under control. He is a street fighter with a law degree, think “Luis Suarez in a suit”, definitely someone you want fighting your legal corner. Had I got him involved before the matter had gone so far I am sure he could have saved me a lot of money with HMRC and avoided the mess I had gotten into by burying my head. I would happily recommend him to anyone.

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