A Legal Challenge to Business Disruption

Feb 12, 2013

A Legal Challenge to Business Disruption
Our clients’ funds with several thousands of pounds accounts were forfeited by the bank for several months without any substance.

We arranged a meeting with our client and made accurate note of their concerns. We then contacted the branch manager. They sign posted us to their internal department who were in fact investigating the reason for forfeiture. We liaised with the team, who were investigating and requested them to provide the legal reasons, they failed to give us the reasons but accepted that the source of the funds were legitimate.

We then requested them to release the funds immediately to allow our client to access the funds or else they will face debt recovery proceedings at their costs and our client will recover the whole amount through civil court. We have served them a copy of the recovery proceeding and within three days our client received the most favourable outcome for our client.

We have actively followed it up by making chase up phone calls, letters etc. as bank’s action was obstructing our client’s business. Our client wanted an immediate solution as in the recession cash flow can be a huge problem for the business.

Following chase up calls we were informed by the bank that our client is allowed to access the account and the funds. So if you were subjected to similar business disruption by the bank then kindly speak to us and arrange an appointment to visit to our office.

Please see below our client’s comments:
“We felt over the moon.”

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